12 women accused a nurse of groping them. But for a decade, Utah hospitals kept hiring him.

When she was hospitalized on New Year’s Eve 2015, A.L. felt uncomfortable about the way her nurse treated her.

He said he was fixing a heart monitor, but his hands lingered on her chest, in places no health care provider had touched her before when doing similar checks.

He gave her Champagne, she said, and dosed her with pain medication through an IV without asking if she needed any.

When that nurse — whom police identified as 53-year-old Adam Tae Kyun Lim — left the room, A.L. cried, praying he wouldn’t come back.

She was too frightened to report the inappropriate touching right away, the 43-year-old woman said in a recent interview, but she eventually told the hospital when an employee conducting surveys for Intermountain Medical Center called and asked about her stay at the Murray facility.

It wasn’t until later she would learn she wasn’t the first patient to report that Lim had groped her.

She was the 11th.

“I was very, very upset when I found out there were more,” the woman said. “And he got away with it? They should have done something the first time.”

By the time criminal charges were filed against …

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