Monson: Stop the charade and name Utah QB Troy Williams the starter – Salt Lake Tribune

Troy Williams says he is not an angry man.

Maybe he should be.

The quarterback insists he’s trying to hold steady, to work hard on his circuitous route to winning the starter’s job at Utah, again, the job that used to be his and that for an entire offseason has been tossed in the air like bits of shrimp and chicken on the grill at Benihana’s.

He’s good, he says. Pay no mind to the creases in Williams’ face or the seriousness of his tone or the body language that screams frustration. His words are what they’ve always been.

Proper. Sterile. Numb.

“I just go out and be myself every day, try not to concern myself too much with which guy is doing better today or tomorrow,” he says. “ … I just try to lead my team and stay consistent.”

He adds: “I feel like I’ve earned a couple stripes here and there, just being the starter last year. I feel like the guys trust me and the quarterback is usually the guy the team looks up to. So I feel like just going out there and being confident, being vocal and guys will listen …

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