Saratoga Springs Mayor: Prevent Utah County wildfires through proper gun safety

I have called northern Utah County my home since childhood. Utah County is a place with beautiful recreational opportunities that range from hiking, biking and boating to camping, fishing and hunting. I love the outdoor opportunities all around us, and I love where I live even more. That is why I am asking Utah County residents to help me protect our land by educating ourselves and visitors about responsible gun safety.
For years, the Saratoga Springs area has been a place where responsible gun enthusiasts can go target shooting and enjoy the beauty of our outdoor recreation. Like many who have lived in the area for some time, I remember growing up and going shooting on the west side of Utah Lake as a kid. It was during that time in my life when the value of responsible gun ownership and respect for the land were instilled within me.

Unfortunately, today there are a few irresponsible individuals who carelessly leave their “trigger trash” all around, while shooting tracer ammunition and exploding targets in the dry hills, near the homes of our Saratoga Springs residents and other areas.
More importantly, these irresponsible actions are the cause of dozens of wildfires that …

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