Warbird show hopes to 'keep history alive' for enthusiasts – Daily Herald

WOODS CROSS, Utah — As the vintage aircraft flew over the state Capitol Monday, Chris Ryan banked to the right, tipping his wing down toward Salt Lake City to offer an unobstructed view of the buildings below.
For Ryan and Barry Hancock, flying the Beechcraft Beech 18 twin engine offers them a unique view of Utah and an opportunity to share their passion for flight with their passengers.
The flying pair will have the chance to take passengers up in the air in the recently restored Beechcraft Beech 18 during the Warbirds Over Utah fly-in event on Saturday and Sunday in Woods Cross.

The Beechcraft Beech 18, which was first produced in 1937, has long seen service as an executive and cargo carrier plane. The model even saw service with the United States during World War II as a navigation and bomber trainer. The plane continued production up until the 1970s and continued to serve as a popular civilian aircraft. Hancock’s particular plane, which was built in 1961, once even served as the executive plane for the Mexican president.
Hancock acquired the plane in Arizona from a father and son restoration team. When the father died just short of completing the restoration, Hancock stepped in and …

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