Utah School Board member’s lockdown experience called ‘timely,’ illuminating

SALT LAKE CITY — Juab School Board member Mary Nielson’s recent tour of Red Cliffs Elementary took a turn she hadn’t anticipated: a lockdown while troopers searched for a suspect who had ditched her car in the school parking lot.

“I experienced firsthand our school resource officer locking a school down and it wasn’t a drill. I watched the personnel at that school take control, immediately. There was no confusion. They knew exactly what to do and they did it, and I have grandkids in that school,” Nielson told members of Utah State Board of Education, which held a study session on school safety Friday.

 As she waited out the lockdown in the school office, Nielson said she was grateful that the school board had decided, because of the location and size of the Nephi elementary school, to install video cameras.